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"Privilege and Promise" All in One Place

“Privilege and Promise: This is America” was our long-term, overarching project the past few months. The “Privilege and Promise” enterprise envelopes 8 sermons, 8 Zoom conversations, and 7 blog posts.

Admittedly, all of that is…a lot.

I’ve recently been told that a good number of you, my dear faithful readers, missed some previous posts. As in, you weren’t aware they existed. What could possibly be going on in your lives and in the world that keeps you from putting ‘Reading Pastor Dave’s blog’ at the top of your To Do list??

While it is certainly true that the totality of the series was a lot to take, and it is demonstrably true that there is so much happening in the world right now, I also firmly believe that this series — and the desire to become actively antiracist that prompted it — is the most important project we’ve ever done.

I know that reads like hyperbole. Yet, I stand by it.

White* supremacy is the most pervasive and destructive threat our country and our Christianity faces. Basically all our issues and problems are direct result of (or at the very least have ties to) White supremacy. Our neighbors need us to become actively antiracist. Our faith in Jesus the Anointed One, the Liberating King, the Christ (three ways of expressing the same title) compels us to become actively antiracist.

The “Privilege and Promise: This is America” project can help us move along that path. But I also know that it can be a pain to sort through all the sermons and blog posts to find the ones you’re looking for. So much of a pain that you might, understandably, give up before you finished. We don’t want that. Hence, this post.

I can’t recreate the 8 Zoom conversations because we didn’t record them. We chose not to record them as a (successful!) way to encourage more honest questions and conversations. But I can link to the sermons and the blog posts that offer more commentary and resources to further your understanding and support you on your journey toward becoming actively antiracist.

Here, then, are all those links gathered in one place. Watch, read, and respond as you are so moved.

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The "Privilege and Promise: This is America" SERMONS:

Prologue: The Past is Prologue

Part 1: Moving Beyond Fear

Part 2: Being Colorblind

Part 3: He Said, She Said, We Should Say

Part 4: Seeding Growth

Part 5: Good Trouble Required

Part 6: Complacent, Complicit, or Converted?

Part 7: God’s Law and Order

The "Privilege and Promise: This is America" BLOG POSTS:

 Next Steps

Resources for Continuing the Conversation

More Resources for Continuing the Conversation

Intersectionality and Racism

March into Good Trouble

“This is America”

The Chief Who Listens (Ok, this one actually does capture the essence of the Zoom chat without breaking any confidences.)

*The AP style has recently changed to capitalize Black but not White. I’ve read arguments for this distinction and arguments against it. I will capitalize both because I find most compelling the reasoning that we who are White have for too long hidden behind a generic cultural sense that positions us as the default. I am convinced that has contributed to us being blinded by our White privilege. 

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