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Re-Placing Blame

03.11.22 | by Rev Danita Anderson

Let's talk about Original Sin from a Lenten perspective of repentance and retrospection with grace, forgiveness and mercy!!! 

Our End Is Our Beginning

03.04.22 | by Rev Danita Anderson

Ashes are not the end. Ashes or the stardust of God's creating, are reminders of our beginning points in this human form that we know. But, being formed from God's stardust, has some expectations and responsibilities.

Wide World of Wisdom

02.25.22 | by Rev Dave Buerstetta

How might it change our hearing and understanding of the texts if we sought out still other voices whose training, experiences, and traditions were largely different than most of ours?

All Eyes on Me!

02.11.22 | by Rev Danita Anderson

Our passages this week remind us to keep focused not on what society says is acceptable or normative but what has been "revealed" to us down through the ages on radical inclusivity.