Just Hold On
Our eyes, ears, and noses are saturated with Christmas and holiday, so maybe we’re feeling pretty overwhelmed already? What do we do when home feels impossibly far away? How do we respond when we find a community that truly values us? Where do we go from here and how do we get there? 
Just an Ordinary Day
What if thanksgiving became "Just An Ordinary Day" at any time of the year?  How would our lives change?  How would our perspectives change? 
Justice in the Midst of Chaos
Could it be that we have been called to this time and place to see how we can make the changes that emphasize the "no, not yet" because there is still the promise of what is to come? 
Who Tells Our Story?
What are the stories we tell that remind us who we are and who we are called to be? What such stories do we hope to pass on? 
The Test of Authenticity
We live in a different world where people are looking for authenticity.  They want authenticity and are putting us to that test!
Tale as Old as Time
How might following Jesus open a different way to understand both the text we’ve inherited from the bible and the lives we are living here and now in the 21 century?
Undesirable Territory
But what do we do when we feel disconnected from God, from community, even from ourselves? What does it mean to be faithful then? 
Making Room for More
The Table of Christ that is big enough to have room for all who wish to be in community with their neighbor.  The table set for those in need of forgiveness and faith, hungry for mercy and thirsty for grace. 

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