More Than Just a Baby
This Christmas Eve Pastor Danita addresses Christmas and Jesus and how it is all not just about a baby. 
Dream Fierce Dreams
Joseph has a dream — and it changes everything. For him. For Mary. For Jesus. For us? 
Heirs of the Promise
During the season of Advent, we are reminded of God's promises and the ultimate promise...that of Jesus. How might we respond to those promises made and kept with God? 
Gaining New Perspectives
Matthew encourages us to focus on what matters more that our physical comforts and desires, and to look at what makes a difference - loving God and others.
Judge, Jury, & Petitioner
While her son, Samuel, is more well known, this week we spend significant time getting (re)acquainted with Hannah. Hers is, in many ways, a familiar tale. You may well recognize a story trope or three in there. Perhaps most interesting, however, is how Hannah responds to all that befalls her. 
A Generous Perspective
A Generous Perspective, will focus on the passage in the Gospel according to Mark that lifts up the sacrificial giving of the widow.

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