Joy on the Journey
Tthis time of year definitely is not a "holly jolly" season for everybody!! Always remember to exercise compassion and care in all the ways that we can. 
The Promise of Hope
Our journey is one that we will take together as a people of faith, so that we will never travel alone!!
A Life of Gratitude
Does a life of gratitude lead to joy? Or does a joyful outlook make us more grateful?
A Preview of Coming Attractions
Grief and loss are sometimes such hard topics to discuss and share about.  Not washing away memories,  but making way for new and more ones.   
You've Met Your Match!
We often hear how the Pharisees tried to "one up" Jesus and the responses given by Jesus. How does all of this impacts our lives on our faith journey?
Love. Full Stop
Laity Sunday is one way we express the core Christian conviction that all are called to participate in God’s mission to create healthy, flourishing life in the world.

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