Sacred Connections
It has nothing to do with church so why do we have to talk about it here? Can't we just keep church stuff separate from stuff in the world?
Change Your Mind to Change the World
Jesus wants us to try and taste new things – things that might take us out of our comfort zones and show us new perspectives and new outlooks.
Where Do We Go From Here?
As our beloved United Methodist denomination struggles with who she will be, we need to be clear about who WE will be. 
Wild, Wild Wind
God’s Holy Spirit ignites a brand new day: some speak like never before, others hear in ways they never thought possible.
Jailhouse Rocked
The type of invitation that can change a person's life and cause them to go home and tell the people they live with that there is a God whose love transcends all of the chains that keep us bound.
God of the Outsider
Our task is to make sure that there are fewer persons who feel like "outsiders" & more who know and experience the love of the God who loves us all. 
More Than Just 31 Flavors
As one writer puts it..."It is time for us to learn to like and love the different flavors and tastes laid out in the banquet that is the human family."
Making Breakfast, Leaving Legacies
It’s another delightfully weird story that also manages to be poignant and insightful…even in the context of fixing and sharing a meal.
Doubting in Good Faith
What are we to do when everyone around us seems certain about their faith but we’re not?

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