When God Says "Yes"!!
Our lives are filled with negatives... places where we only hear "no".  But here we will find out what happens "WHEN GOD SAYS "YES"!"
Don't Miss the Parade!
The Palm Sunday parade is one of the most memorable and political events of the Christian year. 
Life Support
How do we support the lives of others who find themselves in circumstances that are different than ours?
Be Prepared and Be Aware
Hearing the words "be prepared" conjures up all kinds of memories for people. What does that have to do with our lives as fellow travelers on this faith journey?
An Open Invitation
We are extended an invitation, to the social event of the year, we certainly can't pass that up!
Determining Deservedness
What might this parable have to say to us as we strive to live faithfully in 2019? (After all, fairness, equality, and entitlement are no longer problems we face…oh, wait…)
Forgiving Calculus
What if Jesus isn’t trying to make us feel miserable, but instead is helping us to see the world in a whole new — albeit inverted and disorienting — way?