(Be)Labor the Point?
Turns out we aren’t the first society to experience conflicting emotions and ideas about work and leisure.
Hearing Aide and Hearing Aids
We are invited by the writers of Hebrews to "run the race of faith" knowing that those who encouraged us are watching and encouraging us to keep going and encourage others.
Share Your Adventure
How might God be at work in the places we go and the people we meet? What happens when we joyfully Share Our Adventures with those around us?
Economics for the Journey
How important is your "stuff" and how important is your relationship with God? What are you focused on?  What are your thoughts as you travel this faith journey? 
Be Careful What You Ask For
Sometimes following Jesus requires a "review" time where we have to be reminded of something we should already have learned. 
Rules for the Road
Whether it is because of financial constraints or traveling restrictions, everyone isn't able to come and go as they please. 
The Reckless Love of God
God's Holy Spirit is at work in and through the people of Long Island as the recovery from SuperStorm Sandy continues.

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