A Certain Level of Trust
Sometimes in life there are people, places and things that we place a limited amount of our trust in.  We are not always "full in" to everything or everybody.  There is this unknown limit of how far we will go and that is it. 
Risky Faith
This Sunday, our guest preacher will be Rev. Rich Havard.  He is the executive director of The Inclusive Collective/A Christian Movement. 
Focusing on the God-Thing
We have so many things on our minds that it is sometimes hard to focus on only one at a time let only on the things that God would require of us.
A Place for Sinners and Saints?
How might All Saints Day help us better understand ourselves, our calling from God, and the community we are continually building? 
Children Are _____?
Children’s Sabbath has been and continues to be an important way for all kinds of people to offer a united moral witness for children that crosses all lines of geography, faith tradition, race, and ethnicity.
Framing Our Lives
Today, lay people are the front line of daily ministry at the workplace, in the home and within the community.”
Legacy of Hope
World Communion Sunday is a LEGACY OF HOPE and of faith that will continue to be passed on to others about God's love for and work in the world. 
It Takes A Village
Our task is to find our place in the process of ushering God's presence into our world, our community, our church and our family.
The Struggle is Real
How does it feel to wrestle with a problem or question ----knowing the answer is something you don't want to face? 

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