First Impressions
iLove God and love your neighbors, If we take seriously the most important commandment, do others see that we love God with all that we are and our neighbors as well? 
Lunch Box Heroes
Ever feel like something has been “directed against you?” It doesn’t feel very good, does it?
Hungry for More
Are you hungry? For what are you hungry? Breakfast? Lunch? Or something completely different?
It's Not Always What You Think
How many times have we found ourselves entering a situation, trying something new, going somewhere we have never been before or experiencing something different with your mind made up one way only to experience the opposite? 
A Solution to the Identity Crisis
Maybe we have just gotten our wires crossed about who Jesus really is?  Is He just another "good guy" riding a white horse to save the world?  Or is He something else?
Home is ______
Turns out, that going home again is not always the panacea one hopes it will be — even for Jesus.
Beloved Community
Grace, power, and healing. How might we allow ourselves to be transformed by the confluence of those three mighty rivers?
A Gift for the Neighborhood
The presence of God's spirit makes a difference about how people feel and react within a congregation. How does this happen? 

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