Why did it Have to be Snakes?
What happens? Exactly what you think would happen: people stop being polite and start getting real. So where does that leave us as followers of Jesus today? Maybe that from which we most want to turn away deserves our focus, at least briefly?
Follow the Recipe
We cannot continue to follow the directions that we desire without regard to others.  We must re-orient ourselves and re-focus our lives to be in closer relationship with God and neighbor.  
Plans and Promises
We are reminded of the unbroken promises that God has made to us.  Promises that remind us of God's love and mercy. 
Unbroken Promises
Lent is the time of "covenant review", raising the question of how each party has kept their end of the promise.  Has God upheld God's end of the promise to always love us and be with us?  Have we kept our end of the promise to follow and serve? 
The Secret Truth About Demons, Miracles, and Mark
especially for 21st century sophisticates such as ourselves:  What do we make of miracles? And what is the deal with all those dang demons?? Also, why should we even bother to care about such things nowadays?? 
Power and Authority from the Backside
We are invited to go "behind the scenes" to view the power and authority of God through Jesus Christ in a way that shows us love, grace and hope as the true meaning and view of what "power" and "authority" really are. 
Let's Go Fishing
How would you respond to the invitation to leave your life's work to go on a journey that you had no details about?  A "new" adventure into unknown territory?
Come and See
Imagine the work toward equal justice that could become reality if we all listened to and acknowledged God's call to us and begin to act on the revelation of Jesus Christ in our midst?!!
One Creed to Unite Us All
how do we turn anger into relationship building, how do we turn hatred into love, how do we turn fear into hope, how do we turn grief into joy, how do we turn oppression into justice, how do we turn violence into peace?” 

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