Good Trouble Required!
Right now, our world needs us who follow Christ to raise the banner high of steadfast commitment to keep up the good work!!! 
No Regrets!
A little hard-core conversation around what we believe and know about the faith is just what we need right now!!! 
Seeding Growth
How might God’s Holy Spirit be at work in and around and through us during these challenging, turbulent times?
He Said, She Said, We Should Say
The kinds of things that we say influence our families and friends and speak volumes to the persons we encounter that we do not know us.
God's Elevator Pitch
What is paramount for your understanding of God: concepts, prayers, characteristics, stories, or some combination of them all?
Being Colorblind
What are the advantages - and dangers - of trying to see all people as the same? 
Now Get to Work!!
God has a strange sense of humor sometimes.  Sunday is designated as Peace With Justice Sunday and oh my goodness do we need to talk a little about that!!

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