A Gift for the Neighborhood
The presence of God's spirit makes a difference about how people feel and react within a congregation. How does this happen? 
Updating Our Status
We are going to talk a bit about "Updating Your Status" as a follower of Christ -- you know...that church-stuff!
Making Room for Christmas
One of the foundations of our faith is that there is hope, joy, love and peace that can happen in this world every day and every where.
The Greatest Gift
This gift is one we have received that we certainly did not deserve and sometimes may not appreciate......God's love for us through Jesus Christ.  
The Power of Perspective
As people of faith, we can either be blinded by the glitz and splendor or be the light of hope and promise.  It is all a matter of perspective!
Get Ready to Wait
Getting ready to wait for some seems more like an oxymoron than a stance for a follower of Christ. 

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