The Power and Promise of Pentecost
But Paul's message remind us that God's message of love and hope is for ALL people.  All peoples are needed with all kinds of gifts to carry out God's work!
Making a Difference
As a church and as a country and as people of faith, the question for us continues to be one of how are we changing the world around us. 
Telling Better Love Stories
What might happen if we told different stories about how love works in and through and with and (when necessary) in spite of us?
Exploring the Options
What choices do we make after having experienced the Resurrection?  Where do we go?  What do we say?  How do we respond? 
This is Only the Beginning
Our story continues to be one of showing how much God's love becomes real in each of the lives we encounter on a daily basis.
Preparing for Change
We have traveled this road before and know the difficulty.  But imagine. if you will, of looking at Holy Week as the start of a revolution?!
Life is a Journey
Sometimes it feels as though we are awaiting an event that takes so long in occurring that we wonder if it will truly ever happen. 

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