Listening for the Voice of the Future
As we look forward to 2021 let us not forget the blessings of strengthened relationships, new partnerships and discoveries, and the advanced learnings of all forms of technology!!!! 
The Longest Night
With all the changes and grief wrought by the pandemic, this seems like a year we really need a Longest Night service.
Finding Home
For what and for whom will we provide a place of rest? For what and for whom we will provide a place of healing? For what and for whom will we simply provide a place? 
Searching for Positive I.D.
But what type of identification do we have that shows others that we are Christian/followers of Jesus Christ? 
Creating New Pathways
Times have changed but the message has not.  We must continue the work of carrying the message of hope and peace to the rest of the world for our time. 
Open for Business!
Opening the eyes of our heart allows us to see the needs of others as a priority and not just a "thing to do".
Right Place, Right Time, Right Woman
Esther finds herself in a precarious position perched on the precipice between wielding power or seeing her people perish. What risks are we willing to take for the Kin-dom’s sake?

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