A Voice in the Crowd
Our task is to brighten the world as we travel through it, finding ways to show God's love to a world that seemingly knows only darkness.
The Curious Case of 'The Question'
No matter who you are or what you do to live, thrive, and survive, we all face life’s big questions from time to time — even, or maybe especially, when we least expect them. 
Bread for the Journey
We will take a look at how important bread is in our work as the people of God on a journey.
Road Trip Rules
Being a Christian is also a journey.  But this journey is different that any other journey we may embark upon and has some different rules.
How Dare You?!
You know there is a seemingly endless array of injustices in the world worthy of your indignation. 
Calculations of Hospitality
Our focus as followers on a common journey of faith is to extend hospitality, compassion and grace to all we encounter. 
Rest or Labor?
How do we simultaneously care for our whole selves and care for all those experiencing so much pain? Where is God in all this? 
God's Law and Order
What can be done to redeem, reform and restore our world back to the "law and order" that God intended for us? 

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